Weighted flags for fun and fitness. Feel more powerful and connected.

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If you knew our product as Joya Flags at joyaflags.com, @joyaflags on Instagram and Facebook. We have a new company name but the same great flag. If you are looking for prophetic flags for use at church shoot us a message at sales@joyaflow.com or browse the flags we have in the store.

How it Works

We innovated on the traditional flag. Our weighted flags have no stick. Your arm is the stick! Our flags fold up easily making them light and portable. Customers use them at home, concerts, games, parties, and church to express themselves and move freely.

Each flag has a weighted edge that enables it to fly.

There are 1000s of moves to learn and invent. Purchase a flag now and get started.

Our flags fold up easily making them light and portable

"Beautiful fabric and quality workmanship plus extraordinary customer service and satisfaction!"

- Marsha B

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My Story of Healing

These flags are magical. I found may way to them one night in San Francisco over 15 years ago and they have never left me since. I've traveled with them to Canada, Costa Rica, and all over California. I've taken them camping, to the beach, stadium, church, and more. I found a new best friend when I needed one.

Easy to learn, but difficult to master I was so focused on moving the flag that I tricked myself into becoming a dancer. The bliss of synchronizing my swings to the music kept me coming back for more. I went from a shy, very overweight girl to a wild woman dancing on stage!

Then in 2019 my world shattered. I lost everything -- my health, job, energy, savings, and even all my hair. I couldn't dance anymore. The business and product I so lovingly nurtured was lost.

I felt alone but I wasn't. The CDC estimates 60% of Americans suffer from a chronic illness. My journey to health has been long and I refused to give up on my dream. I have something to offer - joy. My new mission is to teach chronic health warriors how to feel free and graceful in their current body. We will use joy to move beyond the pain. We will create a movement connecting people everywhere to communities of play. We will heal, transform and rewrite our stories with our new companion - a Joya Flow Flag.

My name is Angel Inokon and I am the founder of Joya Flow. I traded in my experience creating software in Silicon Valley to chase my love for dance. I am African American of Nigerian descent. I hold degrees from Harvard and Stanford University. I live and work in Redding, California with a team of passionate men and women who have helped bring my vision to life!

Welcome to the Joya Flow tribe.


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